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Poster: Samuel Bronson Date: Feb 27, 2014 9:16am
Forum: faqs Subject: Wayback: How to deal with redirects

Often, one finds that a given URL has a lot of snapshots, but many of them are just redirects to someplace fairly useless. (Most often, this would be a totally unrelated website.)

This wouldn't be too bad, except for one thing: the navigation bar at the top of the page is for the redirect's target URL, so one can't use the "previous"/"next" buttons and the timeline graph to search for the most recent non-redirect snapshot; instead, one has to hit the "back" button and pick a different link.

Is there some way to automatically go to the most recent snapshot that does not redirect, or to be warned of which snapshots are redirects? (Actually, for the latter it would be nice to be able to see *where* the redirect goes, because *some* redirects are actually useful, and occasionally the same URL has both kinds archived.)

In fact, I'd be happy if I could just set a cookie that said "render redirects as links", so I could just ignore useless-looking ones and use the timeline bar!